Enroll & Discover American Airlines Retiree Benefits

American Airlines offers retirees with a complete reimbursements package and program specially designed to assist you to meet the insurance and health requirements of you and your eligible dependents. You may enroll yourself and your entitled dependents in the retiree medical benefit plan.

Retiree Medical Benefit Options:

  • You are eligible to retire from AA if you are at least 55 years of age and have minimum ten years of service.
  • Enroll in retiree health coverage with American Airlines if you retire before age 65.
  • You can explore other insurance coverage through OneExchange. Once you are entitled to Medicare, you can work with a counselor to choose a plan to add-on your medical coverage.

Pre-65 Retiree Medical:

  • The program includes Management and Support team, pilots and flight attendants. Pre-65 Retiree Standard Enrollment is also open for members.
  • You will get information about information after you retire. You can enroll in retiree medical any time after retirement.
  • You have the opportunity to select benefits personalized to your individual requirements and partialities during annual benefits enrollment. The Plan year starts on 1st January and ends on 31st December.

Enrollment:Initial registration in retiree benefits subjects to your age at retirement.

  • When enrollment is over and the new benefit year has started, you can only make changes to your choices.
  • You have to make Life Event Changes within 60 days of the Life Event.
  • You can add new dependents to your benefits. You must provide proof of eligibility. For this, all you need is to submit evidence that dependents are eligible for the program to HR Services within two months the date you file coverage.
  • Retirees enroll online using the Benefits Service Center.

Medical Benefit Eligibility:

  • Your “Medical Benefit” and “Life Insurance” coverage became operative when you met the eligibility requirements and retired.
  • Coverage began automatically mostly for the “Standard Medical” option if retired directly from active payroll. However, in some cases, it is required to access HR Services to activate your coverage.
  • To enroll in the “Value Plus,” you must timely pay the compulsory enduring monthly installments to start and maintain the coverage.

Benefits Service Center:

  • The benefits service center is the online enrollment tool on Jetnet.
  • You can reveal the recent benefits program offered to you.
  • Check out the accurate rates for the coverage. You will get Information with updated new rates for the upcoming Plan year.

Paying For Coverage:

You will receive a bill for Retiree Medical one month in advance from Aon Hewitt that is the billing administrator. It’s vital that you pay on time so that your coverage does not suspend.

Access online account to manage benefits and pay bills:

  • First, you have to access the link that is aa.com to access account.
  • Once on the desired page, you will see the login section.
  • Enter your AA ID/employee ID.
  • Provide a valid password to access your account.
  • Press “Login” blue button.

After signing in you can view retirement plans, information and benefits details.

One Exchange: it is not an insurance firm; you don’t have to pay anything to use services. It is just an alternative to company retiree health plans.

American Airlines has approved to access OneExchange that is a private insurance market to provide you best options for health care coverage in the particular marketplace.

Valued Offers:

  • Better coverage and lower costs than the AA retiree plans.
  • A wide variety of plans and carriers
  • A full array of medical and prescription drug plan preferences.
  • Designed to meet the desires of every single retiree and eligible dependent
  • Better vision and dental programs
  • authorized benefit advisors who assist you with your program selection
  • An advanced Medicare market with a vast range of strategies and ideas from the state’s top health insurers.

You can qualify to receive federal financial assistance if the plan is a State Marketplace plan. You will get help to pay the cost of your coverage.

  • You will get help from a benefits advisor throughout the year. Get answers to your questions, help for medical claims and carriers on your behalf.
  • Advisors can help you to decide whether you are entitled to a federal grant including Medicare benefits, prescription as well as drug, dental and vision plans.

If you want to get more about plans and available options just visit OneExchange website for American by following the link mentioned below as:

Contact Info:

For your questions, contact helpdesk to speak with a certified benefit advisor by calling at

  • Post-65 Retirees: 844-686-0483
  • Pre-65 Retirees: 844-287-9947
  • Benefits Service Center: contact at 888-860-6178 if you miss the online registration window.

Get help and information to decide a plan right for you and fit your needs. Read terms of use and privacy policy. Company reserves the right to revise or dismiss the benefit plan at any time.


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