Discover American Airlines Health Spending Accounts Benefits

Health Spending Accounts are Health Services Plan Benefits provided by companies for their Personnel. These accounts indicate maximum Yearly Provisions of funds for Healthcare and dental expenses. In some accounts, the company makes advance payments on behalf of personnel. In others, the company pays on “Pay As You Go” basis.

Employer compensates the eligible claims non-taxable benefits to the employees.  Expenses including taxes and administration fees are a hundred percent commercial deduction for the Owner.

Health Spending Accounts:

Paired Up For Savings: Available options are combined with health spending accounts that provide tax-free benefits to you to pay for your health-care expenses.

  • PPO 80/90/100, Standard, value and out-of-Area options offer health reimbursement account.
  • You can access health savings account through core option.
  • AON Hewitt Your Spending Account manages all the accounts.
  • You can access your account online.

Manage Your Account Online:

Login: If you are a member, log in to access information.

  • Provide your user ID.
  • Enter the password and click “Log On”.

Can’t Log On? If you already registered wit user ID and password, access the “Forgot User ID or Password?” link to retrieve your account access.

  • You need to confirm your identity to access the account without your ID.
  • For this, you have to provide last four digits of social security number, date of birth and ZIP code.
  • Click the “Continue” button and complete the process.

New Member: You have to access the “Are you a new user?” link to proceed.

  • You need to confirm your identity.
  • Fill out the form with required information before you can access your account.
  • Enter your social security number. Only last four digits are enough for this application.
  • Select month, date and year you were born to confirm age.
  • Enter ZIP code.
  • Press “Continue” button to proceed.
  • Next, create a login.
  • Enter user ID that uniquely identifies you on this site and gives you access to American Airlines Benefits Center and your benefits information online. It also defends the privacy of your Social Security Number. You create your user ID and are responsible for safeguarding it.
  • Create a password to keep unauthorized users from accessing your account. Keep your password confidential. Change your password if you doubt that someone has gained unauthorized access to your password. In this case, you must inform company or the American Airlines Benefits Center immediately.
  • Create a password hint: Set up a hint that will help you remember it. You would see the clue if you lost your password.
  • Answer three security questions and finish the enrollment process.

If you don’t select security questions and answers and in future forget your password, you can’t access your information until you request and receive a new password.

  • You will receive a new password via email, if you don’t have an email address on file, wait until you get your password through mail at your address.
  • Your YSA card will be sent to your permanent address if you have an alternate or benefits address on file.

Access Information Through Employee Account:

  • Access your account at from your web browser.
  • Log in with your employee ID and password.
  • If you are a new employer, create your account.
  • Click “Register” and complete registration.

Where Can You Use Your Benefits?

  • Eligible medical expenditures
  • prescription
  • vision and dental expenses

You can roll it over in future and take with you if you leave American.

If you need more help, contact the benefits center.

American Airlines Benefits Center:

  • is your resource to access news and information about qualified benefits. You will access all details you and your family must know about your paybacks.
  • Log on now to get answers to your questions, use the tools and access all resources available to access your benefits successfully. As a member, you can subscribe to get email updates to stay informed throughout the year.
  • You must have an employee ID to access information on the site.

Aon Hewitt YSA:

You can manage your account through Aon Hewitt YSA. Log in to your employee account and follow the directions.

Contact Information:

For benefit questions, access Service Center by calling at 1-888-860-6178. You will get useful information about your paybacks and advantages

For Technical Assistance:

You can email at to get solutions.



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